Sawdust: The Artisan Luthier’s Process

This was my third year capstone project while taking the graphic Design Advance Diploma program. The problem solved was to create a process journal which documented the creation of an original guitar built from the early design stages to the final completed product. The purpose is to act both as inspiration and as a sales tool for the artisan craft. All of the content, text, photography, illustration, as well as the guitar itself are original work, as I drew upon both my graphic design and luthier experience to complete the project.

The look and feel was to remain organic and draw heavy inspiration form the incredible wood used to build this instrument. Concise and careful storytelling are used to keep the reader engaged, as the subject matter’s complication can easily overwhelm the reader. This was a constant challenge from the editorial design side of the project. The use of abstract imagery is used to throughout to add flavour. Careful placement of tools and attention to the visual surroundings keep the photography visually interesting.

Click HERE to view the complete book on Issuu.

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