Pride Toronto App Development

Mobile Application design and location interface. Pride came to us with the goal of redeveloping its app as it was ineffective and therefore under utilized as it boasted less then 10,000 users annually. With the hope of replacing a large quantity of the printed “Pride Guides” and assisting in the goal of making Pride more accessible. The concept was to be an app that could be developed in Greencopper, their current development program. However plans were made to pitch the project to one of Conestoga’s software development programs, which allowed for increased flexibility and improved user accessibility in the design concept. the main issue with the festival map was the lack of interaction and organization, which let to the graphic being quite complicated to use. It also didn’t include a number of areas that Pride had intended to expand to. Also the existing map wasn’t conforming to any of Pride’s efforts to create a constant branding system.

The job of redrawing the map and organizing the information fell on myself and team member Mike Coles, with the final design ultimately falling on me to complete. The idea is that you can use the menu to select the information you require and as a result have a clear idea of where you want to go. In addition to the updates in the navigation and map illustration, new iconography was created as well. Colour coding was added to aid with the accessibility and clearer icons were either re-designed entirely or updated.

The project created as a partnership with students Becca Quinton, Cameron Grosse, Mike Coles, Him/Her Art Director Kevin Nunn, Ellyn Elusis and Account Manager Ashlee Wettlaufer during Creative Day 4 Social Good 2019.

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