Kitty Kitchen

The idea behind Kitty Kitchen is to imply that the cat foods are made in a kitchen setting as opposed to a corporate factory one. The foods are organic and premium in nature. A canvas texture and soft colours are used to create a friendly brand, this is paired with a dark blue for the lower band and much of the impact text to help leverage contrast and make product stand out. A variety of type pairings are used, script for the organic declaration, serifa for headings, chaparral for subheadings and franklin gothic for body copy and some subheadings. This is to keep the typographic components interesting and organized while complimenting the theme of the product. Cute cats are used as imagery to draw the viewer, because well, cuteness works! The classic arrowhead logo frame is used constantly and is used cleverly to direct the eye to certain places on the package, such as product descriptions.

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