Colony Network

Colony is a science fiction genre television station with added online distribution. The station is to play syndicated series such as Doctor Who and Star Trek, sci-fi related documentaries and hold a block once a week for sci-fi anime such as the Gundam franchise or The Jetsons. Named for the common method in sci-fi story lines of housing people in outer space, colony also serves as a conceptual description of what the channel would mean to the demographic that would be watching it, forming a colony of sci-fi fans.
The icon is an abstracted graphic of a typical and recognizable space colony from a topical perspective, different orientations and shapes are used to help make it distinct from other circular logos. Linework is used to make it appear technical and not to distract from the closely bordered ā€œCā€ in Colony which is boldly made in a thick stroke. The icon is also in part constructed using the perfect circles of the type to make the ā€œCā€ in Colony appear as an integral part of the icon. An electric orange colour is used on a black background to create a tech and dystopian feel to the logo, the 45 degree trimmings on the non-circular letters are there to add to the effect of the colour. Type is of san-serif and mono-weight design to appear as modern and futuristic.
The logo is easily animatable using the center of the circle as a spindle for fades, wipes, rotations and changes of scale.

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