Animated Northern Ontario Landscapes

This is a series of illustrated posters meant to show you the wonders of spending time at various northern Ontario landmarks and parks. The illustration style is based on the national parks poster series from the depression era, using simple block shapes and a limited colour palette. Organic sans-serif type gives the descriptions, without dating the posters as being overtly modern or classic and is paired with an organic script to add some personal feel. The night time colour palette unifies the series by using common colour treatments of dark blues and purples. The landscapes are coloured so they can be defined, however shaded in a way that reads as night time without having to black anything out as it would be in real life. The animations depict three scenes that are either best viewed up north: the sunset contrasted against the natural tree line, the night sky unobscured by southern light pollution and the aroura borealis. The night sky is created by tracing an actual constellation map and animated directionally as close to real life as possible. The image is used in the other posters although in a more subdued way. The aroura borealis is animated in green to contrast the landscape and sky, it fades and shifts position like the natural event.

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